The best gifts are homemade.

At Remember This Designs, our goal is to create beautiful gifts that your loved ones will cherish forever.  We put a huge amount of thought and time into each project to ensure that the recipient is happy!

Founded in 2012, Remember This Designs is a result of one woman on a journey to comfort herself through a time in her life that was overwhelmingly thought-provoking. The more she created, the happier she was! The journey to where she was and where she is now has created a beautiful person who loves to bring others joy.

Today, Kathy is a proud small business owner. She enjoys creating custom and personalized gifts and décor using her favorite tool; her Cricut machine! From holiday items to cards, mugs, wine glasses, and more, you’ll find the perfect gift or décor item here and the sweetest seller to assist you.

As a small business owner, Kathy prides herself on the professional quality of her items and her growing presence in the marketplace. She’s always happy to help, answer questions, and assist you through the checkout process. 

Our Happy Customers

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